Heavy Oil and Hydrocarbon Analysis

Located in Bakersfield, California, the heart of the U.S. heavy oil industry, Zalco has over 30 years of experience performing heavy crude oil analyses. We perform over 80 petroleum, liquids, and gas tests for producers, pipelines, transporters, and refineries.   We have standardized crude profile, distillation, and carbon number testing packages available. And we understand that every field and facility – whether in the Los Angeles Basin, the Central Coast, Kern County, or elsewhere – has individual hydrocarbon composition and related produced water issues. This is why we stress our flexibility and enthusiasm to work with individual clients to develop customized testing packages for meeting their specific issues / requirements.

Because we are focused on the petroleum and power industries, we understand and can help operators address the complex interaction of hydrocarbon compositions, water profiles (for disposal, injection, compatibility, steam flooding), and related emissions requirements for California heavy oil production and compliance.