Laboratory Information Management System

At Zalco, we use an advanced Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to manage and control all of our samples and data. This software system allows us to streamline sample management and tracking and improve our reporting and access to information. Our LIMS significantly reduces human inputting errors and ensures quality control throughout the testing cycle, creating quick and accurate test results.

Our LIMS also allows us to e-mail or electronically report your results, further expediting your turnaround times.

Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD)

With our LIMS we can produce electronic data deliverables (EDD) specific to the needs of our clients. Our system includes one of the largest available libraries of standard EDD formats. There are currently nearly two hundred EDDs on file, including Excel, Access and text files, and various government- and industry-recognized data formats such as Equis, GIS Key, ERPIMS, and SEDD. Custom EDD formats can also be created.