Client Services

After samples are collected, but before they are sent to the lab for testing, they must first be approved by our Client Services Department. This first phase of testing assures that all samples were obtained correctly and are eligible for analysis.

The Client Services Department performs the following pre-testing qualification criteria on all samples:

  • Insure the sample arrived intact, without any breakage or leakage.
  • Record sample temperature. If the temperature is outside of method requirements, a new sample will need to be obtained.
  • Check for intact custody seals (if applicable).
  • Verify that the Chain of Custody (COC) and sample labels agree.
  • Confirm that the sample was preserved correctly (if applicable).
  • Determine if enough sample was collected for testing purposes.

    Next Steps

  1. Once the sample meets all pre-testing qualifications, it will be entered into our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and assigned a unique laboratory identification number.
  2. To assure quality, our client service supervisor verifies all testing and sample information entered into the LIMS system.
  3. Samples are made available to lab for testing.

Additional Services:

Client Services also provides project management assistance including pricing, quotes, and deliverables. Customers can also request proper sampling containers through Client Services