Toxicity – Federal

Federal Toxicity Testing 

Chlorinated Herbicides, TCLP Leachate

TCLP Herbicides by EPA 8151: 2, 4-D, 2, 4, 5-TP (Silvex)

Flash, Liquid Matrix

Ignitability: Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester.

Organochlorine Pesticides & PCBs, TCLP Leachate

TCLP Organochlorine Pesticides by EPA 8080/8081: Chlordane, Endrin, Heptachlor, Heptachlor
Epoxide, Lindane (g-BHC), Methoxychlor, Toxaphene

pH, Solids in Equivalent Wt. of Water by EPA 9040C 

Corrosivity Criteria: Mixture in an equivalent weight of water produces a solution having a pH less than
or equal to 2 or greater than or equal to 12.5.

Reactivity: Cyanide and Sulfide 

Reactivity Criteria: Total Cyanide with Distillation by EPA 9010/9014 and Reactive Sulfide with
Distillation by EPA Unless specified, Cyanide will be analyzed as Total Cyanide.

TCLP 8 Metals, TCLP Leachate 

TCLP Metals As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb, Hg, Se, Ag (Does not include leaching procedure, TCLP). Selected
metals anayled at $20 each.

TCLP 8240/8260 (VOCs), TCLP Leachate 

TCLP Volatiles by EPA 8240/8260: Benzene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Chlorobenzene, Chloroform, 1, 2
Dichloroethane, 1, 1 Dichloroethene, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Tetrachlroethene, Trichloroethene, Vinyl

TCLP 8270 (Semi volatile Compounds), TCLP Leachate 

TCLP Semivolatile Compounds by EPA 8270: Cresols (o, m & p), 2, 4-Dinitrotoluene,
Hexachlorobenzene, Hexachlorobutadiene, Hexachloroethane, Nitrobenzene, Pentachlorophenol,
Pyridine, 2, 4, 5-Trichlorophenol, 2, 4, 6-Trichlorophenol, 1,4-Dichlorobenzene