Gas and Vapor

MethodTest Description
AB32 / CARB Flash Liberation
SW 8021BBTEX & MTBE by EPA 8021B
Multi-MethodComp. Fuel Gas (O2, N2, CO2, CO, H2S, C1-C6+, CHON%)
ASTM D1945Fixed Gases (CO2, CO, O2, N2, CH4)
ASTM D1945Hydrocarbons,C1-C6+ by D1945 (% Levels)
ASTM D3246Hydrogen Sulfide & Total Sulfur by ASTM D3246
ASTM D6228 Sulfur Speciation by ASTM D6228; detection limit of 1 ppmv
ASTM D1945/M Hydrogen Sulfide (> 100ppm) by ASTM D1945/M
GPA-B16Hydrogen Sulfide by Detector Tube
Multi-Method Natural Gas, C1-C10+, O2, N2, CO2, CO
ASTM D1945Non-Methane Organic Hydrocarbons by D1945
Multi-MethodO2N2 Split (O2, N2, CO2, CO, C1-C6+)
EPA 18 Stack Gas-C1 through C6+ (PPM)
EPA 18/M Silica gel / sorbent tube (PPM)
RSK-175Dissolved Gases in Water
EPA 202 Dry impinger method for condensable particulate emissions from stationary sources
EPA 323Measurement of Formaldehyde emissions from natural gas-fired stationary sources