MethodTest Description
HOST / LBNLHOST-Vapor Press. of ROCs by GC
ASTM D611Aniline Point
ASTM D287API Gravity (Hydrometer)
ASTM D70API Gravity (Pycnometer)
ASTM D4814Appear. of Diesel or Gasoline (Clear & Bright)
ASTM D1319Aromatics, Olefins & Saturates
ASTM D2007Aromatics, Saturates, & Compounds
ASTM D482Ash Content
ASTM D874Ash Content, Sulfated
ASTM D3279Asphaltenes (n-Heptane Insolubles)
ASTM D86Boiling Point
ASTM D4007Bottom Sediment & Water in Crude
ASTM D1796Bottom Sediment & Water in Fuel Oils
ASTM D1747Brix / Sugar @ 20 C
ASTM D5769-04BTEX & Total Aromatics in Gasoline
ASTM D240BTU Petroleum Products (S < 0.1%)
ASTM D2015BTU/LB on Solids
ASTM D4815C1-C4 Alcohols, Oxygenates
UOP 375/86Carbon Number, Molecular Weight
ASTM D189Carbon Residue, Conradson
ASTM D524Carbon Residue, Ramsbottom
ASTM D3172Carbon, Fixed
ASTM D976Cetane Index
ASTM D808Chloride in Petroleum Products
ASTM D2500Cloud Point
ASTM D1500Color
TM-01-69Corrosion Coupon
ASTM D130Corrosion,Copper Strip
ASTM D4052Density and Relative Den. of Liquids
ASTM D1298Density of Crudes
ASTM D4052/3Density, Dry Oil
ASTM D86Distillation at Atmospheric Pressure
ASTM D1160Distillation, Vacuum
ASTM D4952Doctor Test, Active Sulfur
ASTM D1401Emulsion Tendency
ASTM D92Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup
T48Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup
SW 1010Flash, Pensky Martin Closed Cup
ASTM D4007Free Oil and Water
ASTM D2982Glycol and/or Carbohydrates
SW 1030Ignitability of Solids
ZalcoLead Acetate Spot Test For Hydrogen Sulfide
ASTM D87Melting Point of Petroleum Waxes
SW 6010BMetals, Total (with Acid Digestion)
ASTM D3173Moisture, Coals & Coke
ASTM D2274Oxidation Stability
UOP46Paraffin Wax Content
ASTM D97Pour Point
ASTM D1747Refractive Index
ASTM D2502-87Relative Mol. Mass From Viscosity
ASTM D473Sediment in Crude and Fuel Oils
ASTM D36Softening Point
ASTM D4052Specific Gravity @ 60 F
ASTM D70Specific Gravity
F21-61Stability Test (Spot Test)
ASTM D4294Sulfur, X-Ray Fluorescence
ASTM D129Total Sulfur (Bomb Method)
ASTM D3177Total Sulfur (Wt %)
ASTM D3120Total Sulfur in Light Liquids
ASTM D323Vapor Pressure (Reid Method)
ASTM D323Vapor, True Pressure
ASTM D2270Viscosity Index
AASHTO D202Viscosity, Absolute
ASTM D445Viscosity, Kinematic (Centistoke)
ASTM D445Viscosity, Dynamic (Centipoise)
ASTM D3175Volatile Matter, Coal & Coke
ASTM D95Water in Petroleum Products
ASTM D6304/01533Karl Fisher
ASTM D664Total Acid Number