Water – Oilfield

Geochemical Analysis (“Geochem”)

Alkalinity, HCO3, CO3, OH, B, Ca, Cl-, Cu, EC, F-, Mg, Mn, NO3, Palmer Values %, Corrosivity, pH, K, Reacting values, Resistivity, Na, Specific Gravity, SO4, TDS, Hardness, Zn, (Sr, SiO2, Ba).
Analysis is performed on a 1 to 10 DI extract.

Water Compatibility:

      Basic – Comparison of two fluids.

      Extended – Comparison of different fluid sources:

  • phase separation;
  • pH;
  • color or viscosity;
  • percipitants; and  
  • temperature.

Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

Organic Acids Analysis  

Acetic, Propionic, Butanoic, Isovaleric, Pentanoic, Isobutyric, Hexanoic, 4-Methy Pentanoic, Heptanoic, Formic, Valeric, Butyric, and Isocaproic by EPA 300.0.