Inorganic Chemistry

General Water & Soil Chemistry

MethodMethod Description
SM 2320B Alkalinity
SM 2320BAlkalinity, Soluble
SM 4500-NH3DAmmonia
EPA 300Anions
SM 5210B BOD
SM 4500-CO2 Carbon Dioxide
EPA 410.4Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
SM 5220D Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
EPA 300 Chloride as Chlorinity
EPA 300Chloride as Salinity
EPA 300 Chloride, Soluble as Salinity
EPA 330.5 Chlorine Residual, Total
SM 2120BColor
SW 9014Cyanide with Distillation
EPA 335.1Cyanide, Amenable (No Distillation)
SW 9014Cyanide, Amenable
SW 9014Cyanide, Reactive
SM 4500-CNCECyanide, Total
SM 4500-CNGCyanides, Amenable (Drinking Water)
EPA 360.1Dissolved Oxygen
SM 4500-ODissolved Oxygen
SM 2510BElectrical Conductivity
SM 2510B/MElectrical Conductivity, Soluble
EPA 160.4Fixed Solids Ignited @ 550C
SW 1010/MFlash, P. Martin Closed Cup
SM 2340BHardness (ICP)
TDS-RatioInorganic Solids: TDS Ratio
SM 4500-NNitrogen, Total
SM 2150BOdor
ASTM D2974Organic Matter
ASTM D1498Oxidation Reduction Potential
EPA 314.0Perchlorates
SW 9040CpH at 25 C on Ash
EPA 150.1 / SW 9040CpH
Indicator StrippH by Indicator Strip
SW 9040CpH, Solids in Equivalent Wt. of Water
SW 9045CpH, Solids in Equivalent Wt. of Water
EPA 420.1Phenolics (Total Phenols)
EPA 300.0Phosphate, Ortho
EPA 365.3Phosphorus, All Forms
SM 4500PEPhosphorus, All Forms
SM 2510BResistivity (Soluble)
SM 2510BResistivity
EPA160.5Settleable Solids
ASTM C136Sieve Analysis
EPA 200.7Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR)
SM 2540BSolids, Percent (Dried at 103-105 C)
SM 2510BSpecific Conductance
ASTM D4052Specific Gravity of Liquids
AASHTO T100/MSpecific Gravity of Soils
ASTM D854Specific Gravity of Solids
EPA 376.1Sulfide, Dissolved (Filtration)
SW 9034Sulfide, Reactive
EPA 376.1Sulfide, Total
SW 9034Sulfide, Total with Distillation
EPA 425.1Surfactants (MBAS)
SM 5540CSurfactants (MBAS)
SM 5540BSurfactants by Sublation
SM 2550BTemperature
EPA 160.1Total Dissolved Solids
SM 2540CTotal Dissolved Solids
EPA 351.4/MTotal Kjeldahl Nitrogen (Soluble)
EPA 351.4Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
EPA 160.3Total Solids (Residue)
SM 2540BTotal Solids (Residue)
EPA 160.2Total Suspended Solids
SM 2540DTotal Suspended Solids
SM 2540CETotal Volatile Dissolved Solids
EPA 160.4Total Volatile Solids Ignited
SM 2540BETotal Volatile Solids Ignited at 550C
SM 2540DETotal Volatile Suspended Solids
SM 2130BTurbidity

Metals Testing

MethodMethod Descriptions
SM 3500-CrD / SW 7196A Hexavalent Chromium (Colorimetric)
EPA 245.1 / SW 7470A, 71AMercury, Hg
EPA 200.7, 200.8 / SW 6010BMetals, Total