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Zalco Laboratories provides accurate, timely and cost-effective environmental compliance and production chemistry testing services for petroleum, power, agriculture, government, and other clients.

  • Greenhouse gases - AB32 / California Air Resources Board Procedure for Flash Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and Other Compounds from Crude Oil and Natural Gas Separator and Tank Systems.
  • Chemistry analyses - vapors and gases; NGL, crude, and refined petroleum; biomass and biofuels.
  • Water and liquid analyses - formation and oilfield produced waters; drilling and completion fluids; process, waste and discharge waters; ground water monitoring and storm water; municipal; drinking waters.
  • Solids - organic, inorganic, metals, and XRD / WD-XRF analysis.
  • Hazardous waste characterization and related testing of gases, waters, liquids, solids, and petroleum matrices - including Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organics; Pesticides and PCBs; BTEX, MTBE, and TPH; LUFT.

Our 30+ years’ reputation for quality comes from an expert staff of environmental testing professionals who understand your needs and work hard to deliver the results you expect. Our clients also appreciate the way that we work collaboratively to come up with tests that meet specific needs.

Zalco is accredited by the California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) and certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Petroleum, Power, Processing
Environmental Compliance
Oilfield & Waste Waters
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